Fifa 21: A new game or rehashed content.

With the next generation of consoles coming out in a few weeks, FIFA 21 is a swan song for the current generation of sports games. It seemingly concludes an era defined by the increasing prevalence of microtransactions and the game modes designed around it, and FIFA 21 is no different in this regard. Ultimate Team is still front and center as the main draw for many players, but this year’s game is also the most robust version of FIFA in the history of the series. Volta Football has expanded since it debuted last year, the Career Mode has finally gotten some much-needed new additions, and there are even new ways to play Ultimate Team. None of this is revealing – and it stays that way on the field, where subtle offensive changes make for a more dynamic football game – but each of these aspects makes FIFA future-proof while still making this year’s game still worthwhile. worth playing.

The latest gameplay changes aren’t immediately apparent when you first step onto the field, especially as FIFA 21 isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, new attack features complement the strong foundation of last year’s game, with the player’s responsiveness and passing also having minor tweaks. Everything you do has a direct character, making it a pleasure to carry out sweeping attacks. Passing has been tightened, with fewer cases where the ball misses the intended target. Through balls are also more effective when playing a runner behind the defensive line, with well-timed and sharp passes that manage to find the feet of oncoming attackers at a more consistent speed. These gameplay tweaks enhance the core pillars of the on-field action in FIFA 21, while new features like Agile Dribbling increase creativity and attack dynamics. This new dribble technique gives you more control when faced with an avid defender by improving the speed and responsiveness of your player’s footwork. It is designed to help you maintain possession and create space in tight one-on-one situations, recreating the play of petty playmakers and smooth wingers. Players who excel in these moments, such as Lionel Messi and Bernardo Silva, are more adept at using Agile Dribbling than others, using sharp changes of direction and a delicate touch to escape the clutches of aggressive defenders. It can be a powerful tool at the feet of the sport’s best dribblers.

Control and AI

This increased level of control is also evident in FIFA 21’s other new additions on the pitch. You’ve always been able to instruct teammates to take off-the-ball runs, but these forward sprints were always static, with players only able to blow up the field in a straight line. This option still exists in FIFA 21, but now you also have the option to choose which direction they run. This is incredibly useful for moving your teammates into dangerous positions to get a pass, or for dragging defenders out of position and creating space for yourself. The player lock is another feature of this skill, allowing you to temporarily maintain control of a player after passing the ball to a teammate. This allows you to go to hollows on the field or run past the defensive line before instructing the AI ​​to pass the ball back to you. Speaking of the AI, Positioning Personality is another new feature designed to make world-class players stand out for their use of intelligent movement and a penchant for finding space. This essentially increases the importance of the attribute positional awareness, creating a gap between the best and the rest when it comes to the way certain players move across the field. Top attackers, for example, are less likely to be sidelined, can hold on to their runs, and penetrate the backline at the right time. Meanwhile, hard-working wingers will go back to help their fullbacks, showing off lazy wingers who are neglecting their defensive responsibilities to stay farther on the field. Other players will find space between the lines to kick start attacks, Defense hasn’t been completely neglected in FIFA 21, although the vast majority of the new additions aim to give the offensive side of the game more control, creativity, and dynamism. Positioning Personality helps if you have a player like Virgil van Dijk on your team or a midfield destroyer who excels at tracking runs and intercepting passes. However, the art of defense hasn’t changed that much from FIFA 20, especially when playing against others online. The tried-and-true strategy of maintaining control of a defensive midfielder is still the best course of action so that you don’t attempt a tackle with one of your midfielders and leave acres of space for the opponent to exploit.

Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT)

Of all the game modes that Fifa 21 has to offer, FUT has gotten perhaps the fewest tweaks. The menu has changed a bit, you have different interactions and you get to things like your squads and upgrades for your stadium faster, but beyond that, FUT is still the game mode where you can bring your football tickets to life in your ultimate team. The Fifa fanatic has long been clear that you can indulge yourself as a football fan in FUT. It is therefore mainly the upgrades in the gameplay that make this mode more fun than ever. Each new season represents a new choice from countless players from all the top leagues in worldwide football. And in addition: if something is good, you don’t have to change it every year. As a FUT player, when you search for “My Club”, you can get lost in the menus. EA has developed a new menu for this: Stadium. Here you can set all adjustments to your club and the decoration of your stadium from one overview. Nice to add, but of course not the reason why you play FUT.

Conclusion of the game.

The game itself is not bad. It is not exactly new either. It still has that Fifa 20 feeling where it feels slow but not as slow as Fifa 20. All in all we believe that this Fifa 21 game is something the community wanted and is something to enjoy if you are a true Fifa fan.

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